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  3. Remember that blue I was talking about? I’m still thinking about it, and today I did something about it.

    I went to the thrift store today and found this sweater in the men’s section. It’s a nice sweater to begin with, but the shape is pretty boring. But it’s got potential! Let’s take it home and see if we can do something with it! (I’m using the royal we, I don’t know why. It’s fine. It’s probably fine. Go with it, I’m going to show you something.)

    1. First, cut the band off of the bottom of the sweater. Don’t get too scissor-happy, you psycho, we’re going to need that band later!

    After you’ve cut the band off, let’s get some asymmetry happening. Cut a curve into the bottom of the sweater. Any angle is fine! Do what feels right! This isn’t science. I like to cut my curve while imagining I’m creating a low and rumbling ocean wave…I also like to leave the back of the sweater longer than the front.

    2. Next, cut off the sleeves to your desired length. Maybe you’re ripped —make it a tank! Or maybe you have weird elbows; Hey girl, I hear ya. Maybe you skip this step. I made mine short  sleeved.

    3. Remember the band we saved? Clean up any of your weird cut edges, and cut the band in half. Now we have two strips of this striped section.

    4. Pin one of the striped sections to your sleeve. Try not to leave any pins on your floor.

    5. Now pin the other side! Be generous with your pinning. You’re gonna be flipping this guy all around once we start sewing. Try on the shirt (careful of the pins ya dummy!) and make any adjustments you need to.

    Now it’s time to sew that sucker up! Put on some Shaggy, and get going. I recommend hand sewing, because machine sewing knits is a bitch, and unless you’re really great at it, you’ll end up with puckering. I used a matching blue thread and did a simple running stitch. I think a blanket stitch in a contrasting embroidery thread would also look really nice!

    6. Once it’s all sewn, remove the pins, and try it on. Make any necessary adjustments. Finally, put on some pants (because it is way too hot to be sewing in pants), and try to smile for the camera! Remember to look very sweaty in the photo, so that everyone knows how hard you’ve worked. Try not to let your neighbors see you using the boiler room as your photo studio.

    Congratulations! You made a cool shirt! You’re done! Time to go to dollar burger night and show off your neat new thing to all the boys.

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  5. Hey it’s basically summer now! I’ve been swimming twice, eaten more fro-yo than I care to admit, and worn jorts so short I’m pretty sure everyone in Boston has seen my ass. But it’s okay, because I’ve seen plenty of other peoples’ pasty-ass asses lately too. Tis the season.

    I’ve been thinking about big blue waves today. Not the murky green-grey-foam waves of the beaches around here (though, those are so so great too), but rather the waves that make desktop-background dreams come true. The turquoise, glassy, blue-rainbow waves that aren’t really real.

    You ever had that dream that you’re surfing? And you’re doing a GREAT job? And you’re wearing a beautiful blue neoprene suit, and you’ve got early 2000’s hibiscus flowers on your yellow-orange surfboard? And the water’s not heavy and scary-cold, but cool and light and ya flow right through it? Well I did, and I want that in real life, even if I gotta settle for subtler wavy influences. The colors though, man, the colors!

    All style photos are from the resort 2014 collections.

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  7. that bag of cockroach brooches was really one of my better investments!

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  9. Sometimes a vintage item needs an update to be wearable. I got this 1970’s playsuit last year, thinking that I’d want to wear it in the summer. Summer went by, and I never wore it. The pastel floral pattern and bulkiness of the playsuit (it was a bit too big for me) weren’t doing me any favors. I decided it was worth salvaging, and so today I did a couple alterations on it.

    What I did:
    - altered the bodice to be a bit less blousey
    - took in the hip darts
    - repositioned the sweetheart neckline for more emphasis
    - dyed it black (obviously)

    I think it’s definitely more wearable now! It’s more figure-flattering, and the color is a lot more suited to my wardrobe. The garment is made from a cotton/synthetic blend, and so dying it was a bit of a challenge - the floral pattern is still slightly visible, but it gives the suit a subtle camouflage effect that I don’t mind.

    ERA: 1970’s
    TAG DETAILS: "Sea Waves" 35% poly 65% cotton blend

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  11. I bought this jumpsuit today! I can’t tell if it’s flattering or not. But who cares! It is basic and black and doesn’t require me to think about the bottom and top components of my outfit separately. I’m optimizing!

    Update: I wore this to work today, and I kind of felt like a giant baby. But in a cool way, not in a fetish-y way. So, it’s a winner!

    TAG DETAILS: Marked ‘Virgo
    ERA: Late 1980’s - early 1990’s

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  15. To the man who grabbed my ass at the bar last night:

    You are a coward. If you are going to sexually assault me, at least let me see who you are so that I can tell you, to your face, exactly how vile and disgusting I think you are. Are you really so timid in your pursuit of female flesh that you can only bring yourself to grab a woman behind her back, as you walk out of the bar? How was it? Did I give you what you wanted?

    Because your cheap thrill is exactly the kind of behavior that perpetuates a system of violence against women in our society that makes women afraid to walk alone at night; afraid to wear short skirts, afraid of getting heckled; afraid of being touched; afraid of being raped, or killed. So was it good for you?

    Don’t tell me that I’m over-reacting. Don’t tell me that you were drunk, and that we were at a bar, and that I was dancing, and that it was no big deal. It is a huge deal. Congratulations, you have anonymously contributed to the one in three American women that will be assaulted in their lifetime. You have contributed to the culture that has made 1 in 8 women a victim of attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. So do you feel good?

    You probably do. Maybe you’re a little hung over right now, but you don’t know how upset I am. you’ll never read this post. Because you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. I was too stunned and too intoxicated to turn around in time to see your face. You are a faceless coward. But you’re the worst kind of coward, because you are a dangerous coward. And you don’t even realize it.

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  17. Back to what this blog is about. I bought this dress this past winter — I almost didn’t, because at the time, it seemed like spring would never come. But it always does. 

    Tag details: Marked “Another Goody USA. Cotton
    Era: From the cut of the dress, and the typeface used on the tag, this dress was most likely manufactured in the late 1960’s - early 1970’s.

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  19. These colors exist in my space again. This is great. 

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  21. On Blogging (alternately, am I still doing this?)

    At twenty-three years old (an age I affectionately like to call “post-teen”), I have officially hit the point at which I have been blogging forexactly have of my life.

    Half of my life.

    That means, that from this point forward, I will have been blogging for the majority of my life. Let’s take a moment to consider what I’ve learned.

    I haven’t always been a “good” blogger - by which I mean, making sure to post regularly, frequently coming up with unexplored/interesting content, or even always using correct grammar. But! Who even cares? Am I right?? Blogging is such a self-important, self-indulgent pursuit, that holding it up to any standard of practice seems unnecessary. Hell, blogging seems unnecessary. Yet here I am, and here so many other thousands are, pouring our souls and dribble and masturbatory thoughts into the Great Abyss of the internet for whoever to see, wherever and whenever they want. It’s very human, to want to be heard. To feel compelled to contribute something finite to our world — and as we’ve learned from countless scandals, once it’s on the internet, it’s hard to take it off. There’s a permanence. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it. Maybe not. Like I said, who even cares? 

    Over the course of my twelve years of blogging, I’ve used many platforms. I currently maintain blogs on three different platforms. Here, for no reason at all, are my pro’s and con’s of each, in order of when I first encountered them:

    LiveJournal: We barely have to talk about this. I used LiveJournal from age 12 to 14, and, embarrassingly enough, my eighth-grade thoughts are still available on the web for all to see (remember what I said about permanence?). There aren’t many pro’s to livejournal, unless you’re looking for endless angst and community blogs that talk about t-shirt reconstruction. I don’t know how evolved LiveJournal has become in terms of customizable HTML or CSS, because last time I used it I was a pre-teen and all-around basic-bitch who only knew how to make text bold or italic. I’m definitely not posting a link to my livejournal.

    Blogger: I like blogger. It’s a no-nonsense platform that is fairly easily customizable, and has a long history, meaning that most problems you could run into have already been solved by someone at some point. It’s not the hippest platform, but I’m not the hippest girl. We see eye to eye, blogger and me. I buy my own domain names (which I am a huge proponent of, by the way), so I don’t have to deal with the bulky ‘username.blogspot.com’ model. I fucking hate that. Tumblr can get away with it because tumblr is so fucking hip, but I can’t stand that. I’m a minimalist when it comes to design and type, and I feel like having to have ‘.blogspot’ or ‘.tumblr’ in blog urls can really clash with the branding and aesthetic of a blog. But that’s just me. My current blogger blog, which I use for writing (and is almost completely devoid of styling - but I like it that way) is: www.samanthaevelynburgoon.com

    Wordpress: When you grow the fuck up, you get a wordpress. Wordpress is a beautiful monster. It’s a bit hard to get the hang of, and is definitely less user-friendly for beginners than any of the other platforms I’m discussing, but it more than makes up for that by being completely (and I mean completely) customizable. Wordpress, like blogger, has been around for a long time, and so most issues that you run into when coding around this platform have been resolved. There are countless forums that talk about developing wordpress blogs, and so with a little digging, you can most always find a fix for whatever wall you run into. I use wordpress for my “professional” blog, in which myself and my writers discuss the Boston art scene. I love wordpress because it allows me to seamlessly incorporate an easy to use blog interface within the larger structure of my art organization’s website. My wordpress blog: www.bostonartunderground.com

    Tumblr: This is my tumblr. You’re on it! Way to go. I’ve just gotten into Tumblr this year. All of my coolest friends swear by it. It’s the artsiest, hippest, most fashionable platform that I’ve encountered. I’m impressed with how streamlined it is, and it’s incredibly easy to use for beginners, but something about it just irks me. Maybe because I’m more inclined to read content-heavy blogs, and tumblr just seems like an endless stream of images with no context (my good friend, when seeing my tumblr for the first time, told me I was ‘doing it wrong’ because I wrote too much). Different strokes for different folks. This is the blog I take least seriously, and that’s why I chose tumblr as my platform — I don’t mean that to be insulting, rather, I wasn’t sure if this blog was a passing notion or something I would actually get into in a serious way, and so I wanted to use a platform that requires virtually no set-up time and still looks sleek. Tumblr’s good for that. I still bought my domain name though. Dot Tumblr my ASS.

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  23. Madonna & Siouxsie Sioux

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  25. Thinking hard about Joan Snyder today.

    Once I get stuck on someone, I really get stuck.

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  27. Yoko Ono is crazy. And I mean that in the most respectful and awesome way. Did you see her collection for Opening Ceremony last year (inspired by the illustrations she gave Lennon as a birthday present in 1969)? Or her Threeasfour collaboration in 2010 (which was heavily influenced by her historic performance, Cut Piece, from 1965)? The lady’s got her hands in a lot of fashion pots.

    I follow her on facebook. It’s like getting updates from the COOLEST possible grandma. Like, a grandma who started and continues to fuel cultural revolutions, and has ass-kicking cleavage. You know, that kind of grandma.

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  29. I know everyone’s talking about the new Fall 2013 collections, but I really just want to look at Spring, and imagine that this hellish snowscape that Boston has become will soon be transformed. 

    Clockwise from top left: Jenni Kayne, Dries van Noten, DKNY, & Issey Miyake.

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